Cars become mobile delivery addresses for parcels

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The quest for better, cheaper and more convenient delivery systems continues. As the global shipping, logistics and delivery standards evolve further, we are likely to witness some interesting developments. One of such developments is presently underway in Germany where cars are being used as delivery addresses for parcels. Just when click and collect had gained […]

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Is the London Low Emission Zone lawful?

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Drivers and riders are always recommended and instructed to adhere to the traffic rules, which include everything from driving on the correct lane to maintaining speed limits, abiding by rules of the road to avoiding low emission zone if the vehicle doesn’t meet the requisite. The London low emission zone is lawful. There can be […]

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Webhosting, so Many Choices? Confused?

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Wow! A quick google search literally confuses anybody when looking for a good web hosting company to trust with your latest big idea, existing website or just to get yourself started online. It’s pretty confusing even for the old veteran out there. Some key things to look for when choosing a web host are: Is […]

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Tips When Selling Goods Internationally

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One of the easiest ways on how you can sell items and earn money is through selling goods online. Getting some startup tips is sure to help you in making your new career as successful as how you want it to be. As you learn more tips on how you can get going with your […]

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No More Time Sheets

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Human Resources Management Has Come a Long Way The image is right from the 1950’s: The lunch bucket crew files by the entrance to the plant while inserting a paper card into a machine that responds with that distinctive punch sound. Or maybe the staff use a paper sign-in sheet or the honour system. With […]

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