An Explanation of Wireless Rear Speaker Kits

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You may have considered using wireless home theater speakers for your home theater. Rather than purchasing a set of wireless speakers for your rear channels, you may prefer using your existing speakers since they are the same in design as your other surround speakers. Also, you may have opted for a home theater kit that includes all of the speakers.

In order to make your rear speakers wireless, you’ll need to get a wireless speaker kit which will eliminate the long speaker wire running to the back of your room. This is important in terms of aesthetics for rooms where wires cannot be hidden easily.

There are several models on the market. Some of these are proprietary for your specific brand of home theater system. You may have seen the expression “wireless ready”. This term means that the AV receiver can be upgraded to be wireless. This is done by plugging in a transmitter module which converts the rear-speaker audio to a wireless signal. It also includes one or two separate wireless receivers that connect to the speakers.

The wireless receiver will receive the wireless signal and then amplify the rear channels to drive your speakers. Using wireless rear speakers is more expensive due to needing another set of power amps as well as the wireless circuitry but may be well worth it in terms of making your room tidy.

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