Cars become mobile delivery addresses for parcels

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The quest for better, cheaper and more convenient delivery systems continues. As the global shipping, logistics and delivery standards evolve further, we are likely to witness some interesting developments. One of such developments is presently underway in Germany where cars are being used as delivery addresses for parcels.

Just when click and collect had gained unparallel popularity and many stores are charging for the erstwhile free service, DHL Parcel has tied up with Amazon and Audi to deliver parcels into the trunks of cars. This is a joint initiative where the store is Amazon and the automobile partner is Audi while the international parcel delivery company is DHL. For now, the new delivery system is in an experimental stage and it is only confined to shipments of Amazon done through DHL and customers who have Audi cars will be able to use the facility.

A special smart phone app is in place that would allow delivery guys to locate the right car at its exact place and then deliver the parcel in the trunk of the car. Many car owners are thrilled at the idea and so are the three major companies that have taken this initiative. However, security and efficiency as well as long term viability does remain a question. It has to be proven beyond any point of reasonable doubt that the system works. From secured delivery to cost effectiveness to viability on a large scale, everything has to be more than reassuring for the system to be adopted on a larger scale, all across Germany and by other companies. For now, those who have signed up for the experiment are likely to have an unprecedented experience and depending on how every encounter turns up, the delivery guys can have a great or a harrowing time.

Cost of courier service to Germany from UK and elsewhere may dip if this system works. Delivering parcels to cars which are basically mobile will allow many international parcel delivery companies to conveniently pick the places and so would the customers thus allowing the couriers to have multiple deliveries at around the same place. This will easily bring down the costs, thus helping stores like Amazon, couriers like DHL and will also be a brand boost to automakers like Audi.

But for now, let us wait for a few months and see how things go in Munich where the system is currently being tested.

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