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Earlier there were no antivirus software but still our system ran so smoothly. Today with the advancement of technology, flash cards, removable hard drives and etc. our system are more prone to viruses. As we all know that now file sharing is very intense which results in viruses because we trust all file sources. Many sites test their files by antivirus software (such as,,, etc.) and you can be sure that your files (downloaded from that resource) are not infected. But what to do when you are not sure?

As you understand, today we have to install antivirus software because of the advancement and also to secure our information. Imagine, when your system is not protected, virus can infect your computer easily. Then you have troubles, because in many cases you system perform slowly, some system tools are not accessible and etc.

When you decide to buy antivirus software you have to understand your requirements or what feature it should contain. If you are newbie in buying antivirus software, you have to read antivirus reviews because this will help you in taking the wise decision.

There are many requirements to antivirus software, but the main are:



Using resources (memory, CPU)


User interface.

After knowing these basic requirements, I am sure you will take a right decision about buying the antivirus software which will be able to protect your personal data at affordable prices.

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