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There are different online services that offer a PPI calculator. That can provide you a helpful guide to the value of your possible PPI refund. Conversely, it is important that you keep in mind they just offer a rough estimate. There are different factors that can have a determination on the amount you will ultimately be awarded for mis-sold PPI, and they include the following:

1.Whether you have been paying into a single premium policy or a monthly premium policy and
2.Whether the policy of PPI is linked with a credit card or loan

Getting the right idea of your condition you must look for the original credit agreement linked with the mortgage or loan concerned. This will tell you the value of the insurance policy of payment protection that you agreed to when you omitted the credit agreement. We realize that it is simple to lose these paperwork over time, so if you cannot find it, you can call them for PPI calculator company and they will contact your lender on your behalf and suggest a Subject Access Request (SAR) so as to get the details needed to calculate the value of your PPI claim.

In a difficult case a borrower will be stimulated 1% of the outstanding balance at the last of every monthly payment period. Presuming a balance of 5000, your payment of PPI for that month would be 50, which would be put on to your balance. You are required to add interest at 20% most of the times considerably more yearly onto your balance. You can see from this explanation how hard it is to assess the PPI claims on credit cards. For the record, they do understand about their every customer who was awarded almost 33,000 PPI refunds on just a single card! All the best!

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