Dundee Flowers – Companion Flower Planting

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If you have ever heard of companion planting you know that its referring to when flowers, plants and vegetables are planted alongside each other to optimise their growth and flowering.

An exciting prospect that this can be done, using flowers Dundee has to offer, the combination of plants can have an amazing effect of Dundee flowers to spark. Dundee Flowers are susceptible to a lot of rain so the companion planting is really beneficial to Dundee flowers and vegetables.

Some Vegetables love growing next to each other however others really dont, the same goes for Dundee flowers although it might be on a less extreme scale. For example Basil and tomatoes work well together in the companion planting.

You have to experiment to find out the good combinations of Dundee flowers, some will work really well and others dont. Dundee Flowers are easy to get the planting right. Marigold are one such flower which work well with most things, including an assortment of vegetables.

The Dundee Flowers marigolds are perfect beside tomatoes as they deter the right kinds of insects such as beetles from your vegetables, so not only will your Dundee flowers look good they will also be aiding your tomatoes. There’s no excuse not to plant them!

Nasturtium are one of the Dundee Flowers which are super because of their edible leaves which can be added to any salad to make it a little bit different, and they also protect vegetables from beetles. Dundee Flowers Nasturtium’s are companion flowers to broccoli, potatoes, radish, squash, tomatoes, cabbage and many other kinds of vegetables, so they are the optimal Dundee Flower to protect your vegetables and brighten up your garden with their beautiful glowing orange petals.

Sunflowers are another of the favourites at Dundee Flowers which also act as a companion flower, they shade vines and encourage cucumber and corn plants as well as attracting birds to your garden!

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