Information about Feeding Goldfish

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Feeding goldfish

The owner should feed his fish only once in a day and feed them only what they can eat in 2-5 minutes regular or over feeding can cause adverse effect on the health of the fish. Goldfish likes soft leaves and vegetables and overfeeding in goldfish may lead to their death. There is a separate and unique feeding schedule for fish, so the owner must go through proper guidelines before keeping the Goldfish.

Keeping Goldfish in ponds

The lined ponds are very popular and an enjoyable place for fish, because it is easy to design this kind of pond as compared to molder or concrete. The pond can be either formal or informal. Formal includes shapes like rectangular, oval, square, round whereas informal has no predefined shape. Once the type of pond is selected the fish owner must have to select the shape of the pond. The place where the owner is living also matter in designing the fish pond, if the owner is located in a warm place where the temperature goes up to 40 degrees then the pond must be in shady place and almost covered to avoid direct sunlight. For more information about the feeding of goldfish fishholder can click here, This link provide complete detail about the feeding and goldfish care.

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