Is the London Low Emission Zone lawful?

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Drivers and riders are always recommended and instructed to adhere to the traffic rules, which include everything from driving on the correct lane to maintaining speed limits, abiding by rules of the road to avoiding low emission zone if the vehicle doesn’t meet the requisite.

The London low emission zone is lawful. There can be no debate on that. But not everyone entering such a zone should be fined. There are certain exemptions which every driver or rider must know.

First, let us clarify that you should always pay the fine imposed on you if you have intentionally entered a London low emission zone or if no one else is at fault for you unintentionally entering such a zone. It is quite possible that you would miss the sign and thus end up getting fined. In such cases, don’t keep the fine pending. Pay it as soon as you can. Paying the fine in the first fourteen days will cut down the fine by half. You would effectively pay only half of the fine imposed on you.

Many people don’t know this and they postpone paying the fine. Eventually, they pay the full fine. Even if you don’t find it readily affordable right now or in the next week or so, saving half the amount of the fine is a good enough reason or incentive to pay early or as quickly as you can. This particularly applies to courier services that often operate on slim profit margins. It doesn’t matter if you own the courier services or if you are just working for a company, whether you are offering courier service to France from UK or you are delivering an item somewhere in London sent from the US; you must pay the fine before the fortnight is up.

Now, the London low emission zone and its subsequent fines on vehicles that don’t comply would not be applicable for drivers or riders who have been compelled to enter the zone. In many cases, diversions can lead vehicles into the zone. Accidents or such untoward incidents can compel drivers to divert and thus they can end up in the zone and get fined. But one shouldn’t be fined for such a compelled diversion. However, one must leave the low emission zone at the first opportunity.

There are many such exemptions which can be used to do away with the fine and drivers or courier companies must use them to waive the penalty.

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