Overview Of Malnutrition In Seniors

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Nutrition is indeed the essence of good health besides well being. But, most individuals, particulary seniors or older adults face health issues due to improper or insufficient nutrition. You should know the causes and signs of malnutrition and also have a fair idea of the steps you can take to consume a nutritious diet for older adults. With the increase in the number of older adults suffering from malnutrition, Nutrisystem has launched an exclusive plan for seniors which provides best nutrition for good health and fitness. The discounted offers such as the nutrisystem discounts can be availed on meal plans at lower prices.

Malnutrition, particularly in older adults causes adverse health issues as it weakens their immune system that may lead to several risks of infections. In addition, weakness in muscles leads to falls and fractures and slow wound healing. Malnutrition causes low or no interest in food or loss of appetite, which leads to worsening of problems. Seniors who are ill or suffering from dementia are more prone to the impacts of poor nutrition. Most people may think that the effects of malnutrition to be simple like less quantity of food or improper diet. However, in reality, poor nutrition or malnutrition occurs due to a combination of physical, social and psychological concerns.

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