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No More Time Sheets

Written by admin on January 13, 2014 Categories: Business and Management, Jobs and Careers, Relationships

Human Resources Management Has Come a Long Way The image is right from the 1950’s: The lunch bucket crew files by the entrance to the plant while inserting a paper card into a machine that responds with that distinctive punch sound. Or maybe the staff use a paper sign-in sheet or the honour system. With […]

Body Language In the Modern Family

Written by editor on October 4, 2013 Categories: Relationships Tags: , , , ,

In a modern world consisting of texting, Twitter, and Pintrest, there is a lot of ambiguity when it comes to communication. When it comes to the family however, clear communication makes for a happy home, and often our poor social media habits reflects the ambiguity of technological “advanced” communications. When you text your friends or […]

Relationship Advice For Men – How To Search For A Mate

Written by editor on August 12, 2013 Categories: Relationships Tags: , ,

Do you have any idea what relationship advice will help men the most? How do men know whether the relationship they are in is the proper one for them for the future? The most important relationship advice for men will be to refrain from concentrating on the things women say and pay attention to how […]