The Different France Guided Tours

There are various France guided tours that let you have the insiders perspective of the country. These tours involve local tours and experienced guides. A lot of people are today enjoying Turkey Tours and so can you. Most of the time, a guided tour offers you relief from having to plan the trip on your own. These kinds of tours offer you some meals, accommodation and ground transportation. At times you can even be picked and dropped at the airport. The following are some of the guided tours you can enjoy in France.

Rick Steves Tours
There are lots of people who use these tours to explore and enjoy France. Each tour consists of between 20 to 28 people with a full time guide who is provided by the company. Breakfast, transportation, services from local experts, some dinners and admissions in to some cultural and historic attractions are paid for. There are also single accommodations for solo travelers. However airfare is not covered. These tours cover Paris and the various villages and vineyards, the heart of France and Paris, south of France and Paris and others.

French wine explorers
Their tours involve visiting some of the major regions known for wine production in France. These include Rhone, Bordeaux, the Loire valley, Burgundy and Provence. In addition to that you get to enjoy a wine tour which includes market visits, a wine tasting course and cooking classes. You have flexible options to choose from whether you prefer private packaged tours or groups tours because they are customized to suit your needs.

Some of the things that are covered in the tours cost include wine tastings and classes, some lunches, winery tours, a guide and driver, breakfast, airport transfers and accommodations. The group and package tours often last between three to seven days while you can have custom tours for a single day if you wish.

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