The Local Medical Waste Treatment Plant

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There is a medical waste treatment plant near my house and usually something like this would make me very worried but thanks to heavy government regulation there are not many people or companies that are willing to cut corners and for that reason I am not too worried about something happening like a leak or some sort of contamination.

I live in MA and medical+waste+MA is no joke. The government takes medical waste handling and treatment very seriously as they do not want anyone to get hurt or contract anything and that is their number one priority. Not properly handling medical waste is a great way to spread disease among a population and that is why the government has stepped in and put heavy regulation on it and for that I am very grateful seeing that I live so close to a medical waste treatment facility.

Trucks come in from all over the place to bring their medical waste that they have picked up and drop it off at the local medical waste treatment facility in order to be properly disposed of. I have seen trucks from Sharps+disposal+Long+Island companies that have driven all the way up from Long Island to drop off their medical waste that they have collected. It is a very big industry.

It costs a lot more to dispose of medical waste then it does to dispose of regular waste as medical waste and sharps are so much more dangerous as they can carry disease and not to mention they are very sharp and can stab you even if they are not completely contaminated. This is something that you see more in third world countries and this is something that we do not want to see here in the United States and this is the reason why we do not see it here in the U.S.

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