No More Time Sheets

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Human Resources Management Has Come a Long Way

The image is right from the 1950’s: The lunch bucket crew files by the entrance to the plant while inserting a paper card into a machine that responds with that distinctive punch sound. Or maybe the staff use a paper sign-in sheet or the honour system.

With these dated human resources management systems, time theft can occur easily. One employee clocking in for another is also common. Honest (and sometimes not so honest) clerical errors are frequent, and their discovery requires cumbersome adjustments to pay and deductions. You spend time and money correcting for inaccuracies and juggling paper systems.

But by using the new business-to-humans (B2H) systems that are now on the market, you now have a better way to manage your workforce. And it doesn’t involve paper.

Time Sheets Go Automatic

As part of a comprehensive Human Resources and Small Business Administration tool kit, the latest in one-touch punch clock systems change all that. Using wireless tags, employees can punch in from anywhere: a desktop computer, a traditional telephone, or a wireless device anywhere on or off site. You can get Leapshot Humans Small Business HR and Admin software free at

For management projects and tasks, they allow you to track staffing costs by activity. Inputting the information is done electronically: fast, easy, accurate.

These new, mobile punch clocks eliminate practices that go against company policy on recording actual hours worked. They allow you to keep track of employees on the road. They make scheduling easier, more honest, and more accurate. For keeping track of attendance, there’s simply no substitute for going automatic.

Low Expense, High Returns

Because many of these mobile punch clock systems are part of a Web-based B2H package, they come with at an attractive price without the need to pay for expensive IT support or to worry about software maintenance. In case you need help, make sure that your purchase comes with good technical support from the software provider.

All the benefits of electronic punch clock systems make them worth the expense, even if you only have a few employees.

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