Webhosting, so Many Choices? Confused?

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Wow! A quick google search literally confuses anybody when looking for a good web hosting company to trust with your latest big idea, existing website or just to get yourself started online. It’s pretty confusing even for the old veteran out there.

Some key things to look for when choosing a web host are:

  • Is it established?
  • Prices, are they fair? Have a shop around
  • Is the website secure?
  • Do they have live chat or a phone number? Chat with them direct, solves any questions easily.
  • Do they offer Cpanel? It’s confusing if they don’t
  • Do they have a user backend where you can check your services, billing and account? That’s pretty vital
  • Do they offer secure payment? Is it through a safe service?

Most web host offer these now, but have a deep look around because it’s important that they offer all the above to make it a simple and easy process. Because there’s nothing worse than making a bad choice and having to go through the process of cancelling, moving on and then looking for a web hosting company all over again.

If you find a good choice, you’ll probably end up sticking by them and won’t need to ever look elsewhere again, so take a good hour or 2 and make a good choice that will make your online experience a lot easier in the long run.

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